DIY Steampunk Hat and Goggles

This is my third post in my Steampunk series on my boyfriend and my costumes for Halloween.

I love Steampunk. It gives you the freedom to get creative because it is a mixture of the Steam era in England, Victorian times, the old west and post apocalyptic times. It is way more than just gears and leather.

I started by going to a thrift store. I found so many things there and I could go on and on about all the things I found but I’ll stick to the hat and goggles, the mainstay of a Steampunk outfit. You can use any kind of hat; a bowler, a top hat, an aviator hat and even a helmet. I found a fedora (I think it is a fedora) in a pile of Halloween accessories for $2.99. I also found two pair of plastic goggles for a dollar each that were very fake looking but I figured a coat of paint and some tweaks and they would look better. I also bought some leatherishy belts and a really ugly pleather purse. I’m saving someone from a horrible fashion no-no by purchasing it to use for parts.

This was the pretty side. The other side had two bulged out zipper pockets.

Black Hat

I had to work at getting all the weird hair and glitter off of it. ***Shiver and Cringe***

I cut up the purse. I used a template I drew out on paper to cut out a piece of “leather” from the purse. The hat needed some brown on it to make it look more Steampunkish.

I glued the leather on with Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue. I am not a fan. I like Aleene’s jewelry glue but this did not work at all. I used super glue instead and it worked way better.

When I cut out the strip to go around the back, I just left the loop with the ring on it because I thought it looked kind of cool.

Cut from Ugly Purse
front view
Side View

This poor skeleton head gets used for modeling everything. He gets decorated for every holiday too.

Except for some decorating, the hat was finished.


cheap goggles

I sanded the sides and repainted everything. I found a hose clamp in the garage and added it around one of the eyes. I thought about replacing the elastic with something that looked like leather but ended up just keeping it.

My boyfriend had some red lenses stashed away and let me have them. They were slightly too large to get inside so I glued them onto the outside. Unfortunately I smudged a little glue on the lense. Big shuddering sobs! I tried getting it off and it made it worse. UGH!

This was the result.

DIY Steampunk Hat and Goggles with Pin

I am pleased with the results.

Now, I still have to make should armor, face masks and spats for my boots.

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