How to make Steampunk Spats

This is my fourth post on my Steampunk series.

After searching the internet for a pattern for spats and not finding anything I liked, I decided to make my own pattern. There was one pattern on etsy but there was no way I was going to spend $10.00 for something I had to print out myself. Call me cheap because I am. McCalls had a pattern but they were too clunky looking for my taste. Plus, I have HUGE calves, I have problem finding tall boots that will go around my calves so a pattern would probably be the same. I’m a big girl but, even when I was slim, my calves were big. My legs, thighs and calves have always been thick, even when I weighed 100 pounds. I like them the way they are but boot and pattern companies do not make boots that fit well.

Enough of my little rant! Let’s get to how I made these.

Step 1. Take the boot you want to cover and trace it onto butcher paper or any paper that is large enough to use. I am not leaving room for seam allowances because I am going to add a back part to the pattern and add a strip with eyelets or grommets enable to lace up the boots. You might want to add about a quarter inch to the top for seam allowance. I kind of wanted some of the boot to show so I did not add this.

Boot on butcher paper

Step 2. Add a strip that is wider at the bottom and tapers to about an inch on top. If you look at a boot, it is wider at the back of the heel and then tapers up. You need to add this into the pattern. It will look something like the photo below. I thought about scanning the pattern I cut out but everyone’s boots and sizes will be different so it wouldn’t be that helpful.

Step 3. Draw an arched shape like in the picture below and cut out the toe and the heel.

Step 4. Choose your fabric and pin the paper pattern to it and cut it out. Cut 8 of the boot shape pattern. 4 for the outside and for for the lining. Cut 4 of the tapered piece on the fold, 2 for the outside and two for the liner. You will notice that I wrote half that number on my pattern because I was using a thick denim fabric and wasn’t going to line the inside. I thought I wanted to fringe the edges but ended up not doing that. If you are using faux leather or a thicker fabric that won’t fray, you do not have to line it. Every other fabric needs lined.

Step 5. Place right sides together of the boot shape and the strip and pin it and then sew it together. I always iron my seams after I sew them. Add the other side of the bootshape and sew to the other side of the boot shape to the strip.

Step 6. Do the same for the liner and sew the liner to the outside with right sides together. Leave a gap big enough to turn inside out somewhere along the front. You can top stitch it later or just close it up when you add the grommet strip if you want to add it. You can add button holes on each side too but that would be a lot of work.

Repeat step 5 and 6 for the other spat.

Step 7. Add the grommet strip to each side and top stitch over the top to keep it down and give it a nice look.

Vroom Vroom

I chose a faux leather strip that I bought at a craft store for way too much. It cost $10.99 a yard. I didn’t buy enough at first so I went back and it was on sale for half off so I bought extra just because. There are less expensive strips on Amazon and other craft stores. I just wanted leather to look more Steampunkish. I’m sure that isn’t really a word but let’s roll with it.

Elastic at bottom

Step 8. Add elastic at the bottom. Measure across the bottom of your boot or shoe and add a half inch for seam allowance.

This is really the finished product. All you have to do it add laces but I decided to add an iron-on dragon. I used my Cricut to cut it out. I usually draw and design my own images or use a free image from the public domain or other places but this one I purchased. It was included in a bundle.

I added a buckle too.

My boyfriend help me lace them up and I loved how they looked.

Finished Spats

I have a few more posts on my Steampunk outfit for Halloween that I am making. Stay tuned.

Give me feedback on what you think or if there is anything I can help you with on making these.

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I love to craft. I sew, crochet, do duct tape crafts and recently, I bought a Cricut and I'm using it quite a bit. I get an idea in my head and I have to try it.

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