DIY Pin Cushion on a Canister

I had to stop all my projects to make a pin cushion. The pin cushion I was using was lopsided and hard so every time I pulled a pin out while I was sewing, I had to stop to wrestle with the pin cushion. It was seriously messing with my flow. Now, you would think I would have a dozen pin cushions lying around but, strangely, I dont. My boyfriend had bought me this one because it was pink so I threw the old red tomato out. Plus, I wanted it pink. Below is a photo of the lopsided one.

Lopsided mater

I originally wanted to make a pin cushion on a short mason jar but I couldn’t find one so I picked up a small tin with candle melts in it made by Pioneer Woman at Walmart. I have to confess that I usually am not a fan of Puoneer Woman’s designs. My boyfriend calls them “butt ugly” but I liked this tin. The candles inside, however, are nostril hair burners. Those will be given away.

Inside, I found this round corrugated paper which was the perfect size to sit on top of the can. I used it to trace it onto cardboard and then cut the cardboard out.

Tin and round template

Next, I used a salad plate to trace an 8″ (ish) circle onto flannel. I didn’t have pink felt.

Use plate as template

I cut it out and set my sewing machine to its longest stitch length then sewed all the way around. I did not lock the first or last stitch and left the strings long.

Sew long stitches around

I then pulled one of the strings and gathered it all the way around


I used batting and stuffed it.


I added a small wad of steel wool. I heard that it keeps the needles sharp.

Add steel wool

Then I added more batting until it was overstuffed and tied the loose threads together. I snipped off the thread.

Super stuffed

I glued the cardboard on the bottom with a glue gun. I cursed a little when I burned my finger.

Glue cardboard on bottom

I found a green button and sewed it onto the cushion. I poked it right up through the cardboard. Of course, I poked myself a few times before I grabbed a thimble. I sewed as tight as I could without breaking the thread.

Sew button onto the cushion

Finally, I hit glued it to the lid of the tin and poked my pins into it.


Now, I can go complete my other projects without struggling with a lopsided mater.

I can store more pins inside the tin.

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I love to craft. I sew, crochet, do duct tape crafts and recently, I bought a Cricut and I'm using it quite a bit. I get an idea in my head and I have to try it.

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