Making Harry Potter Inspired Fleece Scarves

Years ago, I crocheted a Harry Potter scarf for one of my grandsons. He wore it until it started falling apart. He’s 13 now and still asks me to make him another one but I cannot get into crocheting lately so I decided to make one out of fleece instead. I decided to make Harry Potter themed scarves for three of my grandsons. The 13 year-old likes Gryffindor. The 14 (almost 15) year-old likes Slytherin and the 6 year-old has yet to get onto the series so he’s getting Hufflepuff. I wanted to do Ravenclaw but couldn’t find the colors at the fabric store.

I usually don’t do a list of materials because I fly by the seat of my pants when sewing and crafting and make it up as I go but this one is pretty simple.

* Polar Fleece in the colors you want to make the scarf. It can be any fleece, not just polar fleece. I bought mine at Joann Fabrics for $3.88 a yard. They call it blizzard fleece.

* Matching thread

* Some kind of ruler to use for measuring and cutting. I used my 9 1/2″ square ruler.

* A rotary cutter or scissors

* A sewing machine

* A sew-on patch (optional) I ordered four from Amazon. All four cost $16.99.

And, of course, the obligatory colorful words for when you mess up or poke yourself with a pin. Some of my favorites are “By Zeus’s Beard” and “Mother Jumper Cables”.

I started by cutting the selvage off of the fleece.

I want the width of the scarves to be between 7 and 8″ and it needs to be doubled over for a number of reasons. One, is to make it super warm. Two, is it will hide all the seams. Hmmm…I guess there are just two reasons. I cut the fleece 16″ wide. My widest ruler is 9 1/2″ so I folded the fabric over and cut it on the fold at 8″. When opened, it would measure 16 inches. I cut all the way down.

I bought a yard of each fabric except for the yellow which I bought a yard and a half so the strips ended up being 16″ by 36″ except the yellow which was longer.

Cut 16″ wide strips

The folded strips will look like this.

Folded strips

I cut out all the colors. I had to work on this while the 15 year-old was at school because he lives with me.

All the colors

Next, I had to cut the strips down to the individual stripes. I had to look at quite a few Harry Potter pictures to try to figure out the height of each stripe. I determined 5 1/2 inches looked about right so I cut the strips down into 6″ pieces. I kept the fleece folded over to make it easier. So they were 5 1/2″ tall by 16″ wide.

Scarves are typically 5 feet in length so doing the math, I figured I needed 5 of each color but I had to include fringe so this is how I cut them.


5 gold/yellow at 6″

4 maroon/reddish at 6″

There needs to be fringe so I cut two pieces (one for each end) 8″. I cut half inch strips 6 inches up.

2 marron/reddish at 8″ for the fringe at the end.

Cut stripes and end pieces for fringe

I did the same for the other scarves. For Hufflepuff, I used Black as the fringe and for Slytherin, I used green as the fringe.

Now, sew the strips together right sides together Start with the fringe piece and alternate colors. End with the other fringe piece.

Fold it in half lengthways so the messy seams are on the outside. Match each stripe and pin then sew down the length to where the fringe will be.

Turn right side out and topstitch down each side and a little above where the fringe will be which will close that end.

Cut fringe to about a half inch to the seam.

Place the house emblem somewhere near the bottom and it’s finished.

Harry Potter House Scarves

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