My Mother’s Day Outfit

I love skirts and dresses, especially in the Spring and Summer. Tiered skirts are easy and fun to make. You can mix and match just about any pattern and it will work. It doesn’t even have to match and it will still look cute.

I thought my Converse would look adorable with a tiered skirt and I wanted to just buy one but I’m a plus-sized gal so certain clothes are often hard to find or spendy so I just bought the fabric and made it.

I found the image on Etsy and bought it. I cut it on my Cricut, weeded it and pressed it on the shirt this morning (Mother’s Day). I know. I’m a procrastinator!

Making the skirt was easy. The formula for making a three tiered skirt is to measure your waist to your ankle or wherever you want the length. Mine is 32″. Add 2″ for the elastic casing, 1″ for seam allowances and 1″ for the hem so it’s 36″ in all. Divide that into 3 for the width of each panel. Each panel should be 12″ but since I wanted Eyelet lace on the bottom of mine, I had to do it differently. The eyelet lace was 6″ wide and SPENDY.

The length of each panel:

1st Tier – 1.5 x waist measurement

2nd Tier – 2 x waist measurement

3rd Tier 2.7 x waist length

The eyelet panel was already gathered so I had to cut that the same length as the 2nd panel. Thank the eyelet making fairies for that because, like I mentioned, it was expensive.

Sew each panel into a loop by folding it right sides together and sewing the ends together.

Gather the tops of the 2nd tier and third tier. I do this by using the longest stitch length and sewing around it twice. I don’t lock the first stitches. I then pull the top or bottom threads and start gathering until it is the length I need. Make sure the gsthers are evenly spread around.

Sew loop
Sew two loose seams

Pin the 2nd tier to the top tier right sides together and sew. Do the same for the third tier.

Sew 2nd tier to top tier

Make the casing for the elastic on top and pull your elastic inside. I use 1″ wide pajama elastic because it never rolls and it is super stretchy and comfortable. I cut it 2″ shorter than my waist measurement. I sew the ends together and then close the rest of the casing.

Hem the bottom and it’s done.

Eyelet lace

I definitely have to wear a lip because it’s super see-through but I liked how it turned out.

Whole Enchilada!

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I love to craft. I sew, crochet, do duct tape crafts and recently, I bought a Cricut and I'm using it quite a bit. I get an idea in my head and I have to try it.

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