Bra Fix for Better Side Coverage

Criss cross bra

I love these bras but, like a lot of bras, they do not sufficiently cover my side boob. Yes, I said boob because that is what I call the extra that escapes under my armpit. When I was young, I didn’t have this but as I aged, my little…er not so little…birdies drifted. I have found very few bras that address this issue. Even bras that are made for plus-sized women aka curvy women do not amply cover this area.

Side View

I ordered these bras and loved the way they fit everywhere but under the arm pit. Nothing looks worse that putting a shirt on and having and overflow over the side of the bra. It is noticeable. I notice it so I imagine other people do too. I thought there must be someone who has invented something to fix this or maybe a pattern online that I could download and sew onto my bras but I could not find anything so I started cutting out crescent shapes and looking in the mirror until I made the right shape. It was harder than I originally thought it would be.

Crescent shape

It is sloppy. I know but it worked for me. I had some white lycra and cut out four pieces.

Unfortunately, I didnt take photos of my process but plan to do this to a few more bras in the future so I will add photos when I get to those.

The first thing I did, after I swtiched my needle on my machine, was sew the upper part of the shape. I put two pieces together. There is no right or wrong side to the white lycra I used. I sewed it together. My feed dogs on my sewing machine are hungry beasts so any kind of stretch fabric gets eaten and shredded by them. I have tried using a walking foot but it still gets caught up in the feed dogs so I put paper underneath the fabric as I sew and just rip it away afterwards. Sometimes, this messes with my stitches but it worked for this.

I turned the sewn piece right side out and sewed the other edge closed. The raw edges looked ugly but who is going to inspect the inside of your bra? I really should have done a zigzag stitch to make it look better but I am lazy sometimes when it comes to things I do for myself. If this was for someone else, I would have made it look prettier.

I pinned it to the inside of the arm hole and sewed along the seam underneath the lace.

Sew onto bra

It looks weird on my dress form but fits me perfectly.

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