Boxy to Fitted T-Shirt with gathered neck

I cut out a design with my Cricut and realized the black vinyl was too dark for the navy blue t-shirt I had purchased from Amazon. I love these particular t-shirts because they are lightweight, tailored at the waist and are flowie at the bottom. They are also long enough for me but they cost three times more than other t-shirts. Men’s t-shirts are too boxy for most women but a lot of the time, they are less expensive. Most women’s t-shirts aren’t long enough for me.

I had already cut the design out and didn’t want to wait on an order to arrive in the mail so I grabbed one out of a pack of men’s t-shirts that I already had. I knew I wouldn’t wear it with the neckline the way it was or with how boxy it was. Nothing makes a a woman look heavier than a high neckline and boxy shirt.

Wrinkled men’s tee

First, I ironed it.

That neckline had to go! I cut it off and then decided to cut an inch more off.

Cut the neck band off

I also cut the hem off of the sleeves to make it more flowie. I don’t know if I am spelling that right but I like the word “flowie”. The good thing about t-shirt fabric is that you can cut it and it won’t fray. T-shirts can have raw edges because they’re casual and that is the style.

Off with the hem!

The sides needed to be taken in to fit my curves. I drew a curved line that started at the armpit, folded it in half and cut it. I pinned it up the sides and sewed it closed.

Cut a curve

The shoulder seams hung off my shoulders so I needed a quick fix. I cut two 3″ long pieces of 1/4″ elastic and tried to pin it on the inside of the top shoulder seam from the neckline to the shoulders but ended up just holding it while stretching it and sewing over it because pinning it wasn’t working. I started about an inch away from the neckline.

Stretch the elastic while sewing

Next, I sewed two rows of loose stitches around the neckline. I did not back stitch. I pulled the two top threads and gathered all around the neck. Then I zigzagged all around the neck to hold the gathers in place.

Two rows of loose stitches
Ruffled neckline

It seems like a lot of work but it didn’t take long at all.

I pressed the image on to the shirt after I weeded it. Weeding it took forever but it was so worth it! I bought the image from if you want one like it. I added the Warrior Goddess to each side.

Finished shirt before image was added

Now, I gave a much more feminine looking t-shirt that is both casual and pretty.

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I love to craft. I sew, crochet, do duct tape crafts and recently, I bought a Cricut and I'm using it quite a bit. I get an idea in my head and I have to try it.

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