What to do with Ugly Fabric?

Below is a list of inventive ideas what to do with ugly fabric.

I recently received bags (big white garbage bags) of fabric from my ex mother-in-law which was so very nice of her and I don’t mean to complain but some of the fabric was flat out ugly. I tried to search for a nicer word but that is the apt word for it and I cannot sugar coat it. I know everyone has different tastes so they may not be ugly to everyone but they are not to my taste. Some of them were super cute but about half of the fabric was from a different era like as in the 1980s and 1990s. I had flashbacks of the bath poof bangs and shoulder pads. The fabric smelled like moth balls so I washed it all before I decided what I was going to do with it.

  1. Make Scrunchies – Fabric looks different when it is bunched up in a scrunchie. https://www.wethreeshanes.com/how-to-sew-a-scrunchie/
  2. Make Boho scarves, bags, shirts and skirts – Have you seen how much some of the boho style fashions go for online? It is crazy. Some of these I want to try to make. I have a few friends who pay big bucks for some of this stuff. https://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/boho-festival-bags
  3. Make fabric flowers – You can do some fantastic things with fabric flowers from decorating bags and shirts to making pins and and jewelry. https://www.allfreesewing.com/Spring-Projects/Tattered-Flowers-for-Embellishment
  4. Decorate it with beads and sequin, rhinestones and glitter. You will have to use your imagination here.
  5. Make a braided or rag rug https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/how-to-make-a-braided-rug-5216924
  6. Use it for lining bags or using it on the inside of clothes.
  7. Cut in into smaller pieces – A big gaudy design will look different when it is cut into smaller pieces for quilting or into strips for string quilts.
  8. Pair it with a neutral or with black and white – You would be surprised how something can pop and take on a different look when paired with a neutral or black and white.
  9. Dye it or tie-dye it
  10. Make reusable breast pads for nursing or mentrual pads – I mean, why use pretty fabric for these?
  11. Make pretty cuffs and jewelry with it. . https://jchandmade.typepad.com/jc_handmade/2009/02/miy-mama-chic-wrist-cuff.html
  12. Sew stuffed toys like an octopus or monster with one eye. Kids love bright designs so they would be perfect for a stuffed toy. . https://fabricartdiy.com/diy-fabric-toy-octopus-free-sewing-patterns/

I am going to try to make some of these things and I will refer back to this post if and when I do or, if I find something else to do with the fabric besides burn it one of the above suggestions, I will refer back to this post. It will be challenging and fun.

Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions.

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I love to craft. I sew, crochet, do duct tape crafts and recently, I bought a Cricut and I'm using it quite a bit. I get an idea in my head and I have to try it.

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