Ugly Stash – What I have done with my ugly fabric!

This is my main page of what I have created with fabric I think is homely. I realize everyone has their own idea of what they believe is attractive so you may not agree with what I think is homely. For example; I think the couches from the 70s and 80s that had the harvest gold leaves and cornicopias were hideous. My mom, however, loved them.

Why do I have ugly fabric? Some was given to me by my ex mother-in-law who is a wonderful woman but has very different taste than I do. I also have scraps from projects that I made for people who requested certain fabric and I was at a loss at what to do with the scraps or sometimes large pieces of fabric.

I made a post with links to what others have done with their ugly stash What to do with Ugly Fabric? but I thought it would be nice to see what I have done with some of my ugly stash.

  1. A fun way to use up your Ugly Stash is to include it in Boho fashions and items. This is the first thing I made with my ugly stash. Boho Purse from Ugly Stash

2. Cut it up in smaller pieces. Less is sometimes better. I made rag tassels. Rag Tassels

3. Make fabric flowers. When fabric is all scrunched up, it looks different.

As I create things with my Ugly Stash, I will update this page.

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