Making a Padded Tablet Case

I learned a lot of things not to do on this project. I’m making two for two of my grandsons and the second one will be much better so I hope one grandchild doesn’t get upset that his looks a little different.

First, let me apologize for not taking photos of the first few steps. I just plain forgot.

I measured their tablets last time they were here. 10 1/2″ by 7″.

I wanted it roomy enough so I cut 2 dark blue pieces of fabric at 12″ by 16″.

I cut a piece of batting the same size.

I placed both pieces of fabric on top of the batting (there wasn’t a right side) and sewed around all the edges, leaving  a space large enough on one of the long sides so I could turn in inside out.

Padded piece

I pinned the side where I turned it inside out.

Outer Pocket

Next, I cut a piece of checkered fabric 12″ x 7″ and a dark blue in a little smaller.

Mistake #1 – I should have cut both pieces the same size. My thought was that I was going to fold all the sides under of the checkered part and didn’t want bulk but that wasn’t the greatest idea.


I centered the dark blue fabric onto the right side of the checkered fabric and drew out a long rectangle with a line in the center. I had a 7″ zipper so I made the rectangle big enough for it to fit.

Draw a rectangle

I sewed over the white lines.

Mistake #2 – I should have drawn the rectangle on the checkered side so it matched the lines.

I used a seam ripper to cut a line in the center, making sure not to cut through the end seams.

I pulled the dark blue fabric through the hole and ironed it flat. This is when I realized it looked all crooked. There might have been cursing.

Zipper opening

I put the zipper under the fabric so the right side showed and the pull tabby thingy mcgoober was at the end. Peek a boo!


It looks all wonky. 😭

I folded the fabric under, mitering the corners, and ironed it.

Fold under

Then I pinned it onto the quilted piece.

Sew pocket onto padded piece

I folded it and pinned on the zipper. I opened up the zipper to make it easier to sew. I used a 14″ zipper because it was the only one I had that would match.

Mistake #3 – I should have made zipper tabs for each end of the zipper and cut it down to size. I have made zipper pouches before and should have known this.

It was hard sewing this onto the bulky padded piece. My sewing machine doesn’t like sewing thicker fabric, despite its claims, which is the reason I bought it in the first place. Actually, my boyfriend surprised me with it after researching machines that would sew through thick layers. It kept slipping and bunching.

Open zipper

I made the strap. I cut a 35″ x 3″ strip, folded it in half lengthwise and sewed it. I turned it inside out and ironed it.


Mistake #4 – Not thinking out exactly how the straps would be placed. I had thought I could turn the bag inside out and sew the strap on the sides but that didn’t work. How would the strap get outside? This is where I should have sewn the strap in three pieces or used D rings.

Because I couldn’t figure out the simple solution, I ended up sewing the sides closed from the outside. I sandwiched the straps in between the seams. I was tired, hangry (I’m diabetic so when I get hungry, I get grumpy or angry so we call it hangry) and my back was aching because I had done a lot of other work that morning. My mind was not functioning correctly. Oh well, my next one will look better.

Finished bag

I shared my mistakes so others will know what not to do. It also shows that I’m human and we are all prone to mistakes.

To err is human – to forgive is divine ~ Alexander Pope

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